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This podcast is the go-to resource for new tech managers who want to evolve and become more effective leaders.

  • Kreslav Babanin: How to deliver results and protect own team at the same time

    Finding the balance between urgent business needs and mental health in the team is not a trivial task. It takes a while before the new manager calibrates. And during this process you might make multiple typical mistakes. In this episode you will learn how to avoid mistakes and find the balance fast.

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  • The superpower of working backwards approach

    In this episode you will learn what it means to work backwards. This is a very powerful technique which can streamline your projects, improve efficiency and superpower you as a tech manager. You will understand key benefits and limitations of this approach. There are many cases where you can use this tool, but also there are some cases where this tool won’t work. Also, we will review multiple examples to see how to use this approach in the real world.

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  • How to build alignment with your teams

    Are your teams or stakeholders not understanding your goals or expect something different? This can be risky for your program, and you often discover this unexpectedly. In such cases, you are required to act fast to fix the problem. But how? You need to build alignment with your teams. And to prevent such issues afterwards you should maintain alignment preventively. In this episode you will learn how to do this.

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