Why don’t managers use issue trackers to organise their own tasks?

Engineering teams are using issue tracking tools to organise their workflow. Why don’t managers use the same tool to structure their own workflow?

To make the process of development manageable humans invented issue tracking systems like Jira. It allows us to track every individual task and make sure that all processes are visible. We build sophisticated process flows on top of them, require the development team to master these tools, update tickets on time, collaborate via comments, etc. We track every task for the engineering team to make sure that we won’t miss anything.

At the same time I never saw a manager who used the same approach and tools to structure and track his own work, tasks and deliverables. We tend to avoid Jira for management tasks like 1:1 with direct reports and our line managers, working on documents, preparing and sending reports, meetings and discussions, interviews, etc. We do not put our tasks in the backlog there, we do not calculate our capacity and do not plan our own “sprints”.


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Alpha Trials
Alpha Trials
Why don’t managers use issue trackers to organise their own tasks?


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